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    Peggy Mace
    Most of the U.S.
    Medicare will pay for a limited number of long term care days if certain guidelines are met. One of these conditions is that the long term care stay must be for a condition that caused the patient to be recently hospitalized for at least three consecutive days. Medicare will pay a maximum of 20 days of a long term care stay at 100%. After that, there is a copay up to the maximum allowable number of 100 days. After that, Medicare will only pay hospitalization, drugs, doctor visits and whatever costs it paid for prior to the need for long term care.
    Answered on September 18, 2013
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    Ted Ratliff
    Owner, SFS Associates,
    Medicare does not cover Long Term custodial care.  As stated by Peggy Mace, coverage for any type of ursing Home care is limited.  If a person is admitted to a nursing home or requires care at home there is no coverage unless that person is considered capable of improvement with the help of rehab and requires Skilled Care.  Do not look to Medicare to cover your long term care needs!
    Answered on September 21, 2013
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