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    Ryan Andrew
    President, The Andrew Agency, Richmond, VA
    Any time you request a cancellation for insurance it's best to put it in writing. You can write a letter and fax or e-mail it directly to Progressive. I would also recommend following up a day later to make sure they received the document. If you've moved make sure you include your new address if you are owed a refund.
    Answered on January 2, 2014
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    Brenda Hanson
    Vice President/Agent, Best Rates Insurance Inc, Kalispell Montana
    Progressive doesn't require a signed cancel request and you can access your policy right online and select cancel or call your agent. They are the Fastest when it comes to processing anything you should be able to immediately see the cancelation and if you have any refund. You also can call them direct at 1 800 progressive if you bought it online if you bought it from an agent you can call 1-800-876-5581  Bothe number should be able to assist you . They will tell you immediately if you have a refund coming or not.
    Answered on January 2, 2014
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