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    Edward HarrisPRO
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    Many large companies have great retirement plans for their employees. General Motors, Cisco, IBM and many others tend to treat their employees very well through matching 401k programs and sometimes, defined pension plans.

    You can ask about a company's retirement plan by talking to their HR representative. They will likely give you specific information.

    If you are referring to financial institutions that provide retirement plans or consumers, a national experienced broker is a great resource. You should also check locally for a specialist in your area that is a Certified Financial Planner as his/her full-time position.
    Answered on May 25, 2013
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    David RacichPRO
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    There is no one company that has the best retirement plan for anyone individual. Company sponsored ERISA plans are qualified vehicles that hold investment products. Those products should be based on your risk tolerance and retirement planning goals. Some retirement plans are no ERISA plans and may have more flexibility, however investment suitability per investor needs to be quantified through the client interview process and an investor profile. 

    Answered on May 25, 2013
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