State of West Virginia-local county has a yard full of school buses-the insured bus driver backs into another bus in the lot-insured makes a claim for both buses for collision damage subject to $1,000 deductible per bus. Question under a Commercial Auto policy, is the bus the driver backed into covered under the policy?  I would appreciate a response as I do not feel it is covered as one can not damage their own property and submit a claim. Note this is a West Virginia claim.

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    Samuel Smith
    Enrolled Agent-licensed to practice before the IRS, Samuel N Smith, EA, South Carolina
    I am puzzled by your statement"one cannot damage their own property and submit a claim". What happens then if someone runs a stop sign or a red light and hits another car and the guilty party is charged with failure to yield right of way". This scenario probably happens once a day in every state and I was unaware that West Virginia has such out of touch insurance laws. I thought the driver could have his company, subject to the deductible, repair his car. The real question in your scenario is the school district best advised to file a claim because their Commercial policy is going to have to pay the claim on both sides of the equation, Also, the driver of the bus has no legal standing because he is driving the school district bus with the permission of the school district but the school district has the right to file or not to file
    Answered on November 26, 2013
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    Cathy Sorge
    insurance agent, Farmers Insurance, Santa Clarita, CA
    Based on my knowledge as a claims adjuster and as an agent, the owner of the bus which I assume is a commercial entity has a commercial policy.  It is unknown if the buses are covered for physical damage on the policy.  It has been my experience that if there is a large fleet of vehicles, physical damage for each vehicle is usually not included on the policy due to the expense.  The best person to discuss this with is the risk manager or the agent for Company.
    Answered on November 26, 2013
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