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    Todd Officer
    President, Officer Insurance, Nashville, TN
    Each state is a little different, so you would want to check with the department of insurance in your resident state for specific guidelines. 

    First, you need a Property & Casulaty insurance license.  Typically you must take some required courses to be eligible to sit for this exam.  Once you pass the exam, you are technicaly and insurance "producer" or licensed agent so then you need a product to sell.  Best thing to do here is to try and get on with an established agency.  Here you can gain valuable experience and knowledge and hopefully have good products to sell.

    Going it alone right out of the gate would be a challenge as well as a fairly big financial risk.  You need markets, E&O insurance, training, knowledge, etc. etc. etc.......To get the E&O, you often times need experience or the price can be quite high.  To gain market access, you need experience and proof of past performance to get direct contracts with carriers.  You can sign up with some quality brokers out in the market place for access and that isn't a bad way to start out.
    Answered on May 2, 2013
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