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    Cody Hughes
    Owner/CEO, Tristate Insurance, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas
    The average cost of auto insurance per year is going to vary from state to state and more specifically, person to person. Almost all (if not all) insurance companies look at an individuals credit score, among other factors, to determine their 'insurance score'. If you have a lower insurance score, your premium will be lower and visa versa.

    It's very difficult to determine the average without factoring in credit, state, year-make-model of car, how much you drive, and your experience level among a host of other attributes. The state of Oklahoma for example is on average, much higher than the state of Missouri. One of the biggest reasons is due to natural risk, or geographic risk. IE... more storms in Oklahoma Vs. Missouri.

    I'm sure a simple google search would provide an average vs all states and credit scores. Although I would be skeptical of that number generated due to all the variances that determine the price.
    Answered on September 25, 2014
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