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    Jack Heller
    Owner, Insurance Browser,
    The average cost in the US has been around  $850 for the past several year. My data could be a bit off  and old, but in the last several years competition for auto business has kept pricing static. 

    Here is the basic issue question: I don't know who you are in a demographic sense, but also in the sense of needing coverage to protect yourself.. Auto Insurance is regulated by the various 50 states and can a bit different in what coverages are required to be offered.But here is what typically comprises and auto policy :

    Bodily Injury Liability ( protection  for the people you kill or injure) 
    Property Damage ( for the car you hit or the 18 wheeler you force off the road unintentionally)
    Medical Payments for the little issue that happens in your car that you don't want to have to file suit against some one to be indemnified (i.e. your passenger catching their finger in the closing of a door)
    Collision for damage to your own car in a wreck or hitting a curb or a pot hole etc.
    Comprehensive Coverage : for theft,flood, hail, falling trees, broken windshields etc 
    And last, but probably the most important coverage on your policy, Uninsured and Under-insured Motorist Coverage 

    So, despite all the ads to the contrary you ought to take more than  15 minutes to figure, with the help of an agent, what exposures you have. The worst scenarios have nothing to do with fixing  your cars, it is about fixing peoples lives and keeping you assets . 
    So to answer your question I would need to know what do you have to lose, if you cause injury to someone else, because what you do not pay for in insurance you will pay for on your own including future garnishment of your income. A fairly decent rule of thumb to consider things by would be to look at your lifestyle. If you already own your own home ( including with a mortgage) you need a minimum of 100/300/100 spit limits of Bodily Injury  Coverage ( that protects the people you hit ) and you should carry the same to protect yourself, your family and passengers in your car with the same limit of 100/300/100
    for Uninsured and under insured motorist coverage.

    If you do not understand how all of these pieces of the coverage fit together then you should really seek out an Independent agent who sells for multiple companies and can tailor the policy to your needs
    If you live in AZ,CA, TX, GA, or MO I would be glad to assist you ( call 1-866-933-4372)( open 8 AM to 8 PM Est Monday through Friday) .If you live elsewhere seek out an Independent Agent in your area 

    Good luck to you and I hope this answer helps some 

    Jack Heller, CPCU 
    Answered on November 16, 2013
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