Jack Heller
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About Me

Hi, I a am Jack Heller and I have been in the Insurance Business for 38 years most of that time has been in Personal Insurance, and I hold several state licenses including AZ,CA,TX, GA and MO. I believe in doing two things as an Independent Agent 1) providing comparison quotes from multiple companies 2) trying to educate consumers who are making a big ticket purchase and need help in understanding what they are buying or in some instance what they really need. For example as agents we often see individuals who have a substantial amount of liability coverage but minimum limits for uninsured/under insured motorist coverage. when ever we see this we try to get the customer to understand they are not well protected. In fact we have committed to do this to our insurer for our Errors and Omission coverage,that we will do this routinely and we do. If you are located in one of the states we serve (AZ,CA,TX, GA and MO), feel free to call us. We'll be gad to help. 866-933-4372 or in AZ 520-333-3325, in TX 512-582-9002 and in GA 404-832-8080. Call us or visit us on line at www.insurancebrowser.com