President | Founder, CLM Insurance Group, Delray Beach, FL

About Me

James Elbaum began his insurance career as a rookie agent in 2004 after relocating from NH to FL. 10 years later he's proud to be an independent agent and the founder of CLM Insurance Group in Delray Beach, FL. Having written thousands of policies in the past decade, James understands the importance of delivering on his word. Any agent can write a policy…it takes a true professional to gain a client. His agency, CLM Insurance Group, specializes in offering health-based insurance products to the average American. They don't target the wealthy, the healthy or the sick. They work exclusively with normal working class people that need affordable and quality insurance products.

James has a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Connecticut College and has spent the past 10 years as a student of his craft. He jumped on the opportunity to use the InsuranceLibrary platform to help spread his knowledge to those that need quick answers.

Company Information

CLM Insurance Group is an online independent insurance agency that delivers health, life and supplemental insurance products to individuals and small businesses. Sounds like every other insurance website, right? Well, we're not! We focus on finding people that are interested in buying our products instead of chasing leads to sell to. We are not a lead generation company! We don't require (or collect) any personal information to generate rate quotes. If we have the opportunity to earn your business you will be applying through secure carrier websites. In addition, we will not give you so many options to choose from that it makes it impossible to decide. We only offer the top companies with the best rates so the decision is simple and quick. Once you secure a policy we will check in with you a few times a year just to let you know that we are here to help if anything ever changes. Essentially, we do what every other online insurance agency does…without the pressure or aggressive selling. We hope you value our service as much as we value your business. Thank you for shopping and please contact us if you have any questions.