Paul Roth
Senior Commercial and Annuity Specialist, Freedom Brokers, Marion, Carbondale, Harrisburg IL

About Me

Since the early 80's I have protected my clients lives, livelihoods, and possessions. That's some serious stuff. Often, the quality of questions that an agents asks are in direct proportion to their knowledge of the subject, and their desire to properly write the policy. Statistically, It has been said that over half of insurance polices are wrong or inadequate. It has been my experience that the statistics are correct. My job is to protect your assets, use my experience to find the roadblocks, and bring up potential issues. My job is to bring things up and break things down. Although premiums prices are critical, no one cares what the premium was when a loss occurs. And they will-to someone. Coverage first, premiums second. Don't be like the driver whose the mechanic that replaces 5 of 6 spark plugs because the last one is hard to get to. If the loss comes to you, my job is to make sure that you can financially handle that loss, whatever it may be.