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    Marlin McKelvy
    President, Consumer Directed Benefit Solutions, Memphis, Tennessee
    If you are referring to private individual or group health insurance major medical plans then the answer is yes.  Now, the access to MRI scans will vary with the different types of health insurance plans are person could be enrolled in.  Under some policies it's a very straight forward process that once your doctor orders one you go get it and it's paid for under whatever deductible, copay and/or co-insurance provisions apply to such services under your health insurance contract.

    In other health plan environments there may be a pre-certification/pre-approval requirement before the insurance company will cover an MRI (I'm assuming this isn't an emergency need).  If you are covered under such a contract it is important that you and/or your physician obtain the required pre-authorization before the MRI is performed in order to assure your claim is paid at in-network levels or not declined for payment in the most extreme circumstances.
    Answered on August 1, 2014
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