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    Edward HarrisPRO
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    Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), the signature legislation of President Barack Obama, is not likely to be repealed if/when a Republican wins the Presidential election in 2016. If both the House of Representatives and Senate remain Republican-controlled, the chances of a repeal will increase.

    A more likely scenario is a re-tweaking of the ACA legislation with minor and incremental changes impacting State and Federal Exchanges. But the dismantling or elimination of the entire legislation is not going to happen.

    Answer provided by Edward Harris, one of the nation's leading healthcare experts. His top-rated website Majormedicalhealth.com provides the lowest health insurance rates from top-rated companies.
    Answered on September 2, 2015
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    Jim Winkler
    CEO/Owner, Winkler Financial Group, Houston, Texas
    That is a great question, and I am certain that you are not the only one wondering...I think that for all the fuss and bluster made about the ACA (Affordable Care Act- or "Obamacare") that both parties realize that there are now roughly 18 million people enrolled in the program, and a good chunk of them would be uninsured without the Act. With every vote coming at a premium (lol, no pun intended) that is a number too large to gamble with losing. The Act has not been the budget busting, death camp creating nightmare that was so loudly forecasted, and other than a few disgruntled industries that had to cough up some bloated profits, and folks in some locations that did see premium prices increase, it has actually been fairly well received.
    The figures show that it has lowered overall healthcare costs substantially, and forced healthcare providers to improve in the quality of provided care and reduce overhead and inefficiencies. Forecasted healthcare costs by the Government's measures without the Act in place are much higher than they are with the Act, and if Medicaid measures were adopted by those States that chose not to opt in, those costs would be even lower. So any fiscally responsible politician treads a thin line there in choosing publicly to repeal the Act.
    The fact that the Supreme Court has now twice upheld challenges to the Act also makes the repeal of the Act more problematic than it would have been had the Court struck down one or both of those challenges. When you tack on the generally favorable (over 80%) approval rating the healthcare provided has generated, repealing the Act seems like a very risky idea if one wants to get re-elected.
    That said, there has been so much political time, money and hot air invested in reviling the Act that it seems unlikely that the ones banging that drum would willingly just abandon it. While it is possible, (there have been no serious alternatives to the act proposed or presented) for the plan to be repealed should a Republican Majority and Presidency occur, it is much more likely that any changes to the Act would be directed at what was the true rub for the most vocal opponents - the guaranteed subsidies, and the mandatory enrollment clauses. Since these were the targets of the legal challenges, it seems likely that there would be a belief that the newly acquired majorities would enable the changes to be made legislatively. Re-writing those portions of the Act would bypass for a time (until the inevitable ensuing legal challenges worked their way to a conclusion) the upheld judicial provisions.
    So in summary, repeal is unlikely, but I would look for a renewed assault upon certain provisions. I hope that helps clear up this very muddy water for you, and I thank you for asking!
    Answered on September 2, 2015
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    Larry GilmorePRO
    Agent Owner, Gilmore Insurance Services, Marysville, Washington State
    Will Obamacare go away if a republican gets elected as president? Asked 3 years ago. Now we have a republican president and majorities in the house and senate. Nothing happened. Why? Because it is impossible to make something better and cheaper than the ACA. Doesn't exist, will never exist.

    The only thing that can be done to lower the cost to consumers is to raise the risk to consumers. In other words your premium is lower but now if you get sick, you could lose your house.
    Answered on March 10, 2018
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