Ben Wiedenman
    CSR/Producer, David Schuppler & Associates, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Of course!  Several billing options exist for all lines of insurance, including homeowners.  With homeowners you also have the option to escrow your payments with your bank (assuming you have a home loan).  Your monthly mortgage payment would include the payment for your insurance.  Typically the best option to lower your premium is electronic funds transfer from your checking account.  Your insurance payment is automatically processed on a certain day each month.  Most companies provide a discount for automatic, electronic payments.
    Answered on March 28, 2014
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    Mark Bartlett CLCS
    Branch Owner, TWFG Insurance Services, Fremont California and the Greater Bay Area Representing Dozens of Insurance Carriers
    No problem making monthly payments in most cases. There are some circumstances where monthly is not available but this is rare. Also if you are set up with an impound account your lender will just ad the payment on a monthly bases in to your existing home loan if you desire.
    Answered on March 30, 2014
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