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    Rich Haag
    President, Rich Haag & Associates, Inc., Clayton, NC
    Typically there is going to have to be a claim in order to have a roof repaired or replaced. In most states the roof is covered on a replacement cost basis, however, many states are moving to an ACV, or actual cash value, approach to paying roof claims due to the high number of fraudulent claims arising from hail damage. You need to check with your agent about your policy to see if you have the replacement option with special coverage as the reason for loss. Then a claims adjuster will need to determine what was the cause of the damage. They will also determine if the roof is repairable with like kind and quality replacement shingles. As with almost every part of insurance wear and tear is excluded. Maintenance and replacement are the homeowners responsibility. Insurance is for unexpected losses.
    Answered on April 8, 2014
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    Sean Mooney
    Broker, Mooney Insurance Brokers, Philadelphia, PA
    Keep in mind that your homeowners policy is not a maintenance policy. Similar to your auto insurance not providing coverage for new tires or new brakes, your homeowners insurance policy will not pay for a new roof if the roof is worn out and has just deteriorated over time. The life of a typical composition shingle roof is anywhere from 20 - 30 years and needs to be replaced if it is falling apart due to wear and tear. This is very different from a claim scenario where your roof sustains sudden and accidental damage from a storm (i.e. wind or hail). If this is the case, your roof can be covered under your homeowners insurance and depending on the extent of the damage could potentially be covered for replacement. Everyone should consult their agent to check the language of the policy and weigh all options because when you submit a claim it is normal for your rates to go up because of a loss of discount and/ or a rating surcharge. -- @MooneyInsurance
    Answered on April 15, 2014
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