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    Michael Chrobak
    Insurance Agent, Farmers Insurance, San Francisco Bay Area
    Depending on your State laws, you may have the option to obtain coverage through a State Fund or similar product.  I would reach out to the Department of Insurance where you live and inquire about options. 
    Typically insurance carriers will deny coverage for a property based on the risk involved in insuring the location.  For example, a home in a heavily wooded area, in an area where forest fires are of concern, would carry a much higher risk than a property in a downtown neighborhood might.  In these cases, the State Insurance Fund normally covers the property.  However, depending on your state, this insurance is not very cost effective, and can be very limited in coverage.  In some cases, once you have the State Fund policy in place, you can find an insurance company who can provide a rider policy to cover items the State Fund does not cover.
    Answered on April 9, 2014
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    Sean Mooney
    Broker, Mooney Insurance Brokers, Philadelphia, PA
    Keep in mind that if one insurance company will not insure your home that does not necessarily mean that your home is uninsurable. And to take it a step farther.... just because your home does not qualify for insurance with the standard markets, this doesn't mean that it will not qualify for a home with an excess / surplus lines carrier like Lloyd's. Contacting the insurance department is a good idea as I know that PA has the "Fair Plan" and you can go to:
    https://www.pafairplan.com/index.aspx for some additional info because your state might have a similar site to access. --@MooneyInsurance
    Answered on April 15, 2014
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