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    Peggy Mace, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®PRO
    CEO, Outlook Life, Inc, Most of the U.S.
    A quadriplegic can get guaranteed issue life insurance, as long as they meet the age guidelines. The age guidelines for most guaranteed issue life insurance is usually a minimum age of 45 or 50 years old, through about 80 years old.
    Answered on July 30, 2013
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    Paul RothPRO
    Senior Commercial and Annuity Specialist, Freedom Brokers, Marion, Carbondale, Harrisburg IL
    A quadriplegic can qualify, conditionally. Any person can qualify for guaranteed issue life insurance. Guaranteed life insurance, as it's name indicates, usually has a waiting period, during which the policy holder must make premium payments, before policy death benefits are paid. If one passes before the mandatory waiting period, there is typically a return of premium sent to the beneficiary, so there is little or no risk in taking out the policy.
    Answered on July 13, 2016
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