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    Peggy Mace
    Most of the U.S.
    The rates for life insurance for a 60 year old, as with every age, depend a lot on the type of policy and health of the applicant. If applying for a 10 year Term policy, willing to take an exam and in superb health with no other risk, a 60 year old female could get a rate as low as $43/mo for $250,000.

    If she has some moderate health conditions and doesn't want to take an exam, she could get a $15,000 final expense policy that will not go up in price for the rest of her life for about $43/mo.
    Answered on June 11, 2013
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    Jeff Davis
    Insurance Advisor, Lordship Insurance Services, California
    It will all depend on a few factors. When applying for insurance the insurance company considers the following in making a decision to offer you a policy:

    1) Your current age
    2) Do you smoke or not
    3) Your height and weight (in some cases)
    4) Past health history
    5) Are you currently taking medication for anything
    6) Your occupation
    7) Amount of insurance you are applying for.

    Can you get insurance? Most of the time the answer is yes. As far as cost you can get policies that are guaranteed issued to those that require full underwriting (blood and urine). Depending on a combination of these factors and your own personal situation you could be looking at something as low as $40 a month to policies well over $200 a month.
    Answered on August 15, 2015
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