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    Matt BenorePRO
    Founder, DenverWest Insurance Professionals, Inc.,
    This seems to be a common question as I have answered this once today already.
    It is important to know what the medical exam will entail.  Is there going to be blood or urine needed?  Are medical questions going to be asked?  Is a resting EKG needed?

    I always recommend getting this completed first think in the morning before you eat breakfast or have a lite breakfast prior.  That is what we call a fasting blood and urine so all the excess junk has time to filter through your body.  In other words, do not eat a juicy burger and then have your blood & urine sample taken as the results will be off.  

    Know your medical history and what doctors you have seen as well as their addresses in case the insurance company wants to get more information which is likely.  Relax for the blood pressure readings which generally will be taken 3 times and you should be relaxed for the resting EKG if needed.
    Answered on December 24, 2013
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    Peggy MacePRO
    Most of the U.S.
    To prepare for your life insurance exam, I agree with Matt's advice. In addition, drink lots of water ahead of time, and try to avoid extremes (e.g. don't overeat, overdrink, overexercise, or hang around heavy smokers) the day before your exam. If you don't feel well, put off your exam, especially if you have diabetes, MS or other health conditions that can be exasperated by having a bug. Finally, be prepared to answer health questions that you may have answered before. Asking the same question more than once helps convince insurance companies that the information is correct.
    Answered on December 27, 2013
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