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    Renters Insurance is available from a variety of insurance companies that offer this valuable protection for tenants. It is a form of homeowners insurance for tenants; the policy contract may provide for personal property and personal liability. 

    The coverage is inexpensive and fluctuates depending on coverage amount requested, deductible requested and geographic area. 

    Most recently, the coverage has become most valued by those who have been accused of negligence thereby causing water damage, fire damage, smoke damage and other possible acts of negligence;  in this case, the liability portion of the policy will defend the insured and pay out up to the maximum limits afforded by the policy. 

    It is important to note that in some States where the courts have been inundated by law suits regarding tenant issues,  all lease contracts are required to include an insurance clause thereby requiring the tenant to provide insurance. 

    We do have a short cut link for those that may seek a quote or wish to buy a policy directly online:    http://bit.ly/1954BTO
    Answered on January 13, 2014
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