After survey I got addicted to the pain medicine so my doctor prescribed Suboxone to help with getting off it and I’m doing a fast treatment to get off by him cutting me fast. I want to get $100K policy I would prefer whole life but term would do if I can’t get it. I never smoked,, I’m male I drink on occasions, I’m 29, great health, I’m just on this prescription, I have a great job but I feel ill get judged and denied..I just bought a house and need life insurance bad..

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    Rich Haag
    President, Rich Haag & Associates, Inc., Clayton, NC
    Yes you can. The best option is probably going to be MetLife. They have an underwriting appetite for that condition. Speak with a knowledgeable life agent that can prepare you for the interview and what to expect. We all have life issues that can help or hinder our ability to qualify for life insurance. You are not any different from anyone else. Don't feel judged, but you will probably get a slightly higher rate that can be reviewed over time to see if you can qualify for a lower rate.
    Answered on March 9, 2015
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    Jason GoldenzweigPRO
    Co-Founder,, Goldenzweig Financial Group, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Pain medication does not necessarily decline you. It's very possible to get coverage. The risk classification is what determines the rates. You can be approved, but it may be at a standard or substandard risk class for the condition the pain medication was being used for in combination with the pain med addiction.

    The concerns carriers would have is whether the drug is being abused, how much is being taken, and why it was being taken in the first place.

    As you're still under the treatment process of getting off of the pain medications, then you may want to consider securing a term insurance policy now and then review the coverage after the treatment has been completed to see whether you can be rewritten with a lower premium. Typically, insurance companies want to see a period of stability (e.g. 2 years, 3 years, etc., varying by company) as the more time that passes without a relapse the less likely it is to happen - which in turn means the less risk to the carrier and a more favorable risk classification (meaning lower rates).

    Also, you noted "after survey" which I assume was supposed to read "after serving" as in military service. If so, a number of other factors would also be considered during underwriting regarding service history, such as are you still an active member, scheduled to travel outside the country, where you travel to, and related items.

    What you should do before applying for any coverage, is to shop the case through an independent agent who can compare multiple companies for you to find out who will work most favorably with your medical history - there is no cost to doing so. Every carrier has their own underwriting guidelines so some companies may be able to offer a more favorable risk class than others for you. Determining the risk class you may qualify for with carriers is the most important factor in determining what the rates would be. The risk class directly determines the premiums for a policy's coverage amount and benefit guarantee period.

    If you'd like some help gathering the most accurate quotes and securing the coverage at the lowest cost, please send me an e-mail via the contact me button next to my name with your name and contact information to reach you at.

    I hope the information is helpful - thanks very much.
    Answered on March 9, 2015
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    Jeannie Peter
    Insurance Agent, Allstate, Minnesota and Wisconsin
    You can purchase a guaranteed issued policy through Crump and through Gerber (yes they sell more than baby policies). You just need to find an Agent in your state that sells it. I am offering this in MN and WI. You can search these companies online to find an Agent that offers it in your state.
    Answered on May 5, 2015
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