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    Jack HellerPRO
    Owner, Insurance Browser,
    Give me a call if we can assist you. Price is not usually the issue with several of our Carriers They are competitively priced but because of several years of storms we have a availability squeeze right now . If you have roof leas then 10 years of you can readily get insurance. If not, then higher deductible  are the norm or using an Actual cash value endorsement on your roof. I have just quoted an individual for a 700.000 house  the premiums ran about 3000. So pricing in matching exposure fairly well. Another recent home was placed at 565,000 at about $1300.  It depends some on the value and what ancillary coverages you choose like Dwelling Extension coverage,water sewer back up , home warranty, etc.

    We are available 8 AM to 8 PM EST in GA. call 1866-633-4372 and on Saturdays the phone is forwarded to my cell or if you prefer visit our website at www.insurancebrowser.com and fill in a form your self with option 2.
    Answered on November 16, 2013
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