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    Homeowners Insurance is usually associated with the owner of the dwelling; whereas Renters Insurance is specifically intended for the non-owner occupant of the dwelling.  Renters Insurance is intended to provide Personal Property Coverage and Personal Liability Coverage for the tenant of a home. 

    In a tenant occupied situation, the owner of the dwelling will usually carry Landlords Protection Coverage for the dwelling which does not offer any protection to the tenant.  The tenant should purchase his/her own Renters Insurance.

    This is coverage is very inexpensive and is well worth it; there have been many instances where a property owner has brought legal action against a tenant for negligence leading to a fire or other type of claim;  the Renters Insurance provides Personal Liability Insurance for the tenant which may provide defense in such an occurrence. 

    For a renters quote in California, Arizona or Nevada,  you may click on:  http://www.HDAinsurance.com/safeco.html 

    For all other States, you should find a licensed representative in your State for a quote.
    Answered on June 12, 2013
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