How do life insurance underwriters view individuals who have ADD or ADHD?

Life insurance for people with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) can be attained. Underwriters will be specifically interested in knowing how well the disease is being managed and under control. They will also want to know more about the extent of a person’s symptoms.

If the condition has been detected in the early stages, and if the condition is being managed relatively well through medication, then the chance of getting a policy with a fairly good rating should be very positive.

The underwriter will also want to know how long and when a person was diagnosed with the condition, and how long they have been taking medication. In some instances a CT or MRI may be required to ascertain the cognitive activity of the person afflicted.

An underwriter will also want to know if there are also any complicating factors that stem from the condition such as impulsive disorders such as alcoholism, addiction or any other form of substance or chronic impulsive behaviors.

What is the health risk of ADD or ADHD?

ADD or ADHD is a psychiatric developmental disorder which occurs more often when a person is younger and may persist into adulthood. It affects the cognitive functions of a person and may also lead to other complications such as alcoholism or substance abuse.

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Some of the more common symptoms include hyperactive behavior, a tendency to being impulsive and may result in violent acts in more extreme cases. The medication used to treat the condition may also cause additional complications such as insomnia and can have adverse effects on some of the body’s internal organ functions.

Some individuals may also require additional treatment by a trained therapist to help them manage some of their behavior patterns such as uncontrolled anger. Afflicted indivisuals may also suffer from depression, anxiety or panic attacks. In some more extreme cases an individual might also have suicidal tendencies.

The symptoms of this condition can range from being mild to sever. If the condition is detected early, it is possible that many of the symptoms can be controlled relatively well with medication. If not detected early, other conditions such as alcoholism and substance abuse can add additional complications to the management of the condition.

Finding life Insurance with ADD or ADHD

Life insurance for people with ADD is certainly very possible. The amount of coverage and the premium charged will all depend on how well the condition is controlled and if there is evidence of other extraneous physical and/or psychological symptoms. Finding life insurance for people with ADD will vary from company to company as some companies are more liberal than other life insurance companies.

Life insurance companies use different means to rate people, but if the disease is relatively under control with no other mitigating factors, a policy should be relatively easy to obtain and at a fairly good rating.

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