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    Bob VineyardPRO
    Founder, Georgia Medicare Plans, Atlanta,GA
    Medicare ABN is a form offered up by medical providers when there is reason to believe Medicare will not pay for the treatment or device. When you are given the form you are expected to sign, acknowledging that, if Medicare denies the claim you are responsible for paying 100% of the bill, usually in advance.
    Answered on February 23, 2014
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    Jerry Cantrell
    Insurance Representative, Transamerica Agency Network, Louisville KY
    ABN stays for Advanced Benificiary Notice of Noncoverage. A doctor or Medcare provide may give you an ABN if they believe Medicare may not pay for the service you require. The ABN lists the services and items that Medicare isn;'t expected to pay for, an estimate of their cost and what Medicare may not pay for them. There are 3 options for you to choose from on the ABN form.
    1. You want the item or service, the provider may ask you to pay for them but you want a claim submitted to Medicare. The claim may be denied, you may be responsible to pay the provider but you can file an appeal to Medicare.
    Option 2: You want the items or service but you do not want the provider to make a claim to Medicare. You may be asked to pay for the items or serivce now. Since the provider did not file a cliam to Medicare you cannot file an appeal.
    Option 3: You do not want the item or servce trhat may not be paid for by Medicare.
    Answered on May 11, 2015
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